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Case Resolution Platform

Automating litigation through Artificial Intelligence



Tourism Law

We help frustrated holiday-makers in case of travel defects of any kind to enforce reduction claims against travel companies.

Tenancy Law


We help tenants to enforce their rights in the case of rent control, rent increases, defects in the apartment, deposit reclaim.

Traffic Law 

We support customers in all cases related to traffic law, for example traffic accident, traffic offense, driving license, criminal offenses.



Millions of Europeans face a legal issue every year, yet only 1 in 3 people seek legal advice. Consumers would be glad to take legal action If they could predict the case outcome. With LegalAI, it is possible. We use artificial intelligence to automate the pre-court litigation process completely for mass cases. An instant legal assessment, free of charge, and totally performance-based. Our vision is to democratize access to legal help and enable anyone with a legal issue to get high-quality and affordable legal advice.


Meet The Team

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Dr. Tessia Tober,

MJur (Oxford)


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Tessia Tober is a fully qualified German lawyer with a Masters's degree from the University of Oxford. During her doctoral thesis, she was a visiting scholar at Columbia University. After working at a U.S. law firm she became a strategy consultant at Boston Consulting Group where she also co-authored a study on Legal Tech.

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Dr. Dr. Tajan Tober,

LL.M. (Harvard) 

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Tajan Tober is a fully qualified lawyer and holds doctorates in law and in philosophy as well as a
Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Harvard Law School. He has previously worked in international law firms
as well as multinational corporations, including in a leadership role.




LegalAI UG

Mühlenstraße 8a

14167 Berlin

Telephone: +49 69/46094136


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