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Our technology

LegalAI predicts the outcome of your legal case using artificial intelligence.

Our software accesses a large number of historical court decisions and can thus precisely determine whethere a claim exists and if so, in what amount for each individual case. 
In travel law in particular, a variety of factors must sometimes be taken into account in order to accurately examine the legal situation. For example, when reviewing a claim for a reduction in travel price due to travel deficiencies, the travel destination, the standard of the booked accommodation and the services promised in the travel documents must be taken into account, among other things. Despite publicly available court decisions, it is difficult for a non-lawyer to determine the existence and amount of a claim on his own. Each case evaluates only one individual case, and the exact claim amount is not statutorily defined, but rather is left to the judge’s discretion.

Our algorithm can provide a real legal assessment of the chances of success, taking all these factors into account, and thus represents a real alternative to the lawyer - only cheaper, more convenient and faster.

Especially because of our access to a multitude of data, we can achieve objective, precise and fast results for you.

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